CatBoy is a handheld cartridge based gaming system created within 48 hours.

A brand new console! CatBoy is a handheld cartridge based gaming system. Just plug in a 5v mobile phone charger and play! Different games can be loaded by inserting different cartridges and rebooting the console.

During Spring Game Jam 2017 I build a small handheld game console using an Arduino Esplora. The games can be loaded into SD-cards and inserted into the system. I developed 3 games in total for it, one for each game jam theme; Ice Space (Icecream Monsters), Town Defence (Pixel Erasers) and Shool Run (Highschool Race). I made my own sprite and game data format and that can be edited using a hex editor. Since the hardware was extremely limited draw optimization was important to even get a playable game running.

Tech specs

  • 160 x 128 TFT LCD display
  • 16 MHz 8-bit processor
  • 32 KB Flash memory
  • Analog Joystick
  • Fire button
  • SD-card reader


During the jam 3 games where developed, one for each theme.

School Run

Theme: Highschool Race

Help Cat Boy to get through school as fast as possible! Catch the highest grades and make sure to not fall to many classes!

Ice Kitten

Theme: Icecream monsters

Alien ice-creams are attacking the kitty planet! Shoot them down! Make sure to not crash into the enemies!

Town Defence

Theme: Pixel Erasers

Evil Pixel-Erasers are attacking Cat Boy’s town! Make sure they do not reach the ground by shooting them down!

Make your own games

It is possible to develop your own games for the CatBoy console. All you need is a SD-card reader. Cartridges should be FAT-32 formated SD-cards containing the following files. All files except splash.bmp are supposed to be edited with a hex editor.

palette.dat Palette used by the game. First 3 bytes are background color, follow are the different colors in RBG order.

enemy.dat & player.dat 8×8 sprite used by enemy or player. Number refers to color in palette.

game.dat Flags for game engine. Example from School Run
02 – Win condition
0F – Win condition value
00 – Loose condition
06 – Loose condition value
00 – Palette used for text in game
00 – Palette used for bullets in game. If 0 can not shoot
02 – Enemy speed
00 – Bullet speed
08 – Enemy spawn rate

splash.bmp A 24-bit 160×128 splash screen image for splash, victory and game over screen.

Zombie Waifu (ゾンビ•ワイフ)

Zombie Waifu is a 2-player cooperative game of forbidden love.


Most of the world’s population has turned into zombies. Including your beloved japanese fiancée. Your love turns from interracial into interspecies but the flame is stronger than ever. However, both humans and zombies don’t approve this relationship.

Your zombie girlfriend was kidnapped into a zombie-prison complex but luckily you found her. Use your combat and stealth skills to escape from the complex and through the devastated city back into your love nest.

Best of luck girls.

Controls & Gameplay

Game is played with 2 gamepads or one keyboard. One player plays with the Human and the other player plays with the Zombie.


Controls are mapped for Xbox 360 pads.
Left Joystick: Move.
Right Joystick: Aim.
Right Button (RB): Shoot (Human) / Melee Attack (Zombie).
A button: Nibble (the Zombie can recover some health by eating the Human).


Space Shoot

Arrow keys Move
Numpad 1235 Aim
Numpad 0 Attack
Numpad 9 Nibble

The Human has a shotgun with long range and high damage output but at the expense of using ammo. Only the Human can collect ammo and use health-kits.
The Zombie has unlimited but short-range and low-damage attacks. She can recover health by using the nibble mechanic when close to the Human.

  • Humans won’t attack the Human.
  • Zombies won’t attack the Zombie.
  • Friendly fire enable.
  • Don’t kill your fiancée.


Created during Spring Game Jam 2016.

  • Adam Green
  • Daniel Tordera
  • Jesper Tingvall
  • Sara Erenius


Deep down under, in an ancient dungeon maze, dwells the spiritual beings “The Angel” and “The Devil”.
They have possessed each of the Human’s eyes, making their host blind and must therefore rely on the directions from these beings.

The Human has been trapped…
Deep down under, in an ancient dungeon maze, dwells the spiritual beings “The Angel” and “The Devil”.
They have possessed each of the Human’s eyes, making their host blind and must therefore rely on the directions from these beings.

The Angel and the Devil are devious and dishonest by nature and only strive for their own success.
They gain power by collecting their symbols and from collecting certain coins.
The Angel desires holy blue coins, and the Devil yearns for cursed red coins.
All coins, but not symbols, are an advantage for the human but not to the same extent as the beings.

Crystal traps hurts the Human, but makes it possible for the beings to steal precious power from each other.

The Human must balance the desires of the Angel and the Devil, resulting in both of the beings leaving its host upon exit.
The only means to escape is the one ladder leading out.
However, if the human fails and one of the beings is overpowered on escape, it will take full control over the body and freely roam the world outside its dungeon.

The cave holds dangers and traps of its own, so the three characters must cooperate for the body and its inhabitants not to die.

Watch out…

Sightless was a game created during Global Gamejam 2015. The theme was the question “What do we do now“. We also managed to use a couple of Diversifiers.

Diversifiers used

Noise Generator:The mechanic of the game is based on players having to stay in constant communication with each other.

Can I Try?:Any spectator of the game automatically becomes a player as well.

Eagle Ear:The game is primarily visual, but is also playable by visually impaired players, either through audio design, or through a screenreader (VoiceOver, Talkback, JAWS etc).

How to play Sightless

  • Sightless require three players, the Human, the Angel and the Devil. The person who plays the Human is blindfolded during the whole game.
  • Players compete by collecting points. The game ends when the Human walks into the ladder. When this happens, the player with the most points wins the game.
  • Points are gained by collecting coins. Blue holy coins give the Angel and the Human points, while the red holy coins give th Devil and the Human points. Yellow coins only give points to the human, while the Angel-symbol respectivly the Devil-symbol only give points to each being.
  • If the Human dies, all players lose and there is no winner. The Human can take one damage, but dies if the Human is damaged during the time of bleeding and heartbeat sound.
  • The Human is damaged by crystal traps and monsters.
  • Crystal traps is used by the beings to steal points from each other. The Angel can use the blue trap to steal 3 points from The Devil, and red traps can be used by the Devil to steal 3 points from the Angel. The human only gets hurt by the traps.

Blue coin +5 The Angel +3 The Human
Red coin +5 The Devil +3 The Human
Yellow coin +3 The Human

Angel symbol +5 The Angel
Devil symbol +5 The Devil

Blue trap -3 The Devil +3 The Angel
Red trap -3 The Angel +3 The Devil


  • Elina Jansson
  • Erik Mansèn
  • Henrik Henriksson
  • Jesper Tingvall
  • Nicklas Lindgren
  • Kevin Söderberg

Wizard Vs. Evil

Wizard vs. Evil is a game for Microsoft Kinect. You, a wizard, flies in the air and fight against a formless evil that wants to kill you.

Wizard vs. Evil is a game for Microsoft Kinect. You, a wizard, flies in the air and fight against a formless evil that wants to kill you. You control the wizard with your body and have two spells at your disposal – fireballs and magic shields. To future aid you in battle there are several power ups; extra health, burning swords, fireball shotgun and magical machine guns.


Jesper Tingvall
Adam Green

Jesper Tingvall

Per Kiilstofte – The Land Of The Wizard (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 from

Timbre – another magic wand spell tinkle.flac (Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported)
0banana0 – Princess Sound (Creative Commons 0 License)
ReadeOnly – fire_explosion.wav (Creative Commons 0 License)
jeseid77 – various-shotgun-pumps (Sampling+ License)

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported:
smcameron – fall_with_impact.ogg
carmsie – Big Trouble.wav
joelaudio – sfx-magic-fireball-001