About me

I’m flow-junkie addicted to programming games currently living in Link√∂ping, Sweden. My portfolio consists of a lot of quite many games, some of them has won awards or been nominated. Most of the games have been created during Game Jams.

I have experience of using video game technology for non-video game areas. Companies I’ve worked with includes Scania, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Toyota Material Handling and Microsoft. Sadly most of the work I’ve been doing for those clients can not be showcased publicly online.

Latest projects

  • DAPverse
    Multiplayer sandbox without gameplay and worst network backend in history of games.
  • Dragon Chef
    You are a Dragon Chef with a fancy egg-restaurant. Your task is to perfectly boil eggs for your customers. A voice controlled Android game.
  • Little Red Adventure
    Puzzle adventure where you push, pull, ride, lead on a leash and jump through the magical forest in your search for Grandma.

Catalope Games

To put my game development energy to good use I founded Catalope Games in April 2017. The vision of Catalope Games is to create the games nobody else creates in terms of gameplay or concept.

  • Development on Mark of Mona is on hold until future notice. There are however some more secret projects in the making.
  • After having some problems the website it is back online. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Catalope Games and No Studio in Particular are really proud to announce our next project. Mark of Mona is a hybrid Visual Novel & Puzzle Battle game.


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