Bertil and Bodil’s Bizarre Adventure

Render of Bertil and Bodil by Henrik Henriksson.

Bodil is stuck on a different planet, to which only Bertil has the map. To get back home again, Bodil needs to collect four warp cubes. One of these cubes are marked on Bertil’s map and the rest are marked on tiny cropped maps available to Bodil. To locate them all, the two need to communicate with each other. Luckily there are a lot of weird distinct landmarks around. Note that warp cubes are highly unstable so when collected, they will teleport Bodil to a random position on the map.

The game is played in networkless co-op with two people on different computers. To play on the same map, they simply have to enter the same map name (seed) on setup.

Made during Global Game Jam 2021, on the LiU Game Jam site, based on the theme Lost and Found.

Global Game Jam Diversifiers used

  • RNG – Randomize Something that traditionally would not be randomized (e.g. jump height, starting location, hat, zoom level, gravity)
  • A-Party – Make a game that can be played during a video call