Keep on Trucking

Deliver oil on time, without spilling to much.

You task is to deliver oil to the village. During your travel there you can pick up move oil by parking underneath oil cisterns. The quicker you get to the village and the more oil you deliver the higher score you get.

A game made in 48 hours during Fall Game Jam 2019. Theme was Compost War: Two Worlds, One Truck.

  • Jesper Tingvall
  • Sara Erenius
  • Martin Lundgren

Suicide Tricycle

VR game about taking suicide by rolling down hill on a rusty tricycle.

Suicide Tricycle is a game experience developed by me and 3 other developers within 40 hours. I had the role as team leader. The player rolls down a hill on a customizable rusty tricycle, experiencing the world in VR and gets haptic feedback from the Novint Falcon. Won second place at BOSS Jam 4.0.