AR game about being Godzilla and burning down Tokyo

AR game about being Godzilla and burning down Tokyo

Together with 3 other developers I created GodzillARgh under 48 hours during Spring Game Jam 2019. It is a AR game for mobile phones about being Godzilla and burning down a city for high score. You can fire laser by shouting and stomp down buildings. We spend a lot of the time during the project to figure out a good way of tracking an area you can walk around in. Won best theme award for “Godzilla In Real Life”.

Chess Garden VR

The classic board game in virtual reality.

Welcome to Chess Garden VR, the classic board game in virtual reality. Challenge your opponent in a beautiful and relaxing village garden without disturbing elements. Chess Garden is a great introduction to VR. Enjoy!


  • Singleplayer
  • Three different difficulties to play against.
  • Calm and relaxing chess environment
  • No risk of VR-sickness
  • A great introduction to VR


The game can be downloaded from the Oculus Store.


David Lindqvist
Fredrik Präntare
Jesper Tingvall

Tobias Forsling
Jesper Tingvall

Music & sound
Fredrik Präntare
Tomas Ahlström

Tomas Ahlström

Catalope Games AB

Incredible Concepts of Sweden AB

Spooky Adventure

Love story about a skeleton, hidden inside a human corpse.

You, a skeleton, is trying to survive in a grim and cold autumn world where the Whiteknights have taken over. No one likes a good old spook anymore – it is up to you to change this! Fight the oppressors! Restore spookyness! And maybe find true love while you are doing it.

Game mechanics
You get Spookyness when you spook a human so much she tears her skin of, revealing what is under it.
Love is your score multiplier and are gained via spooking flirting with girls.

The game was later ported to Android and can be found at Google Play store.

Made during a small online game jam. Ranked #1 in every category in /agdg/ Halloween Jam 2014.
Music by Connor O.R.T. Linning