Skeletal Dance Party

You are a fox girl necromancer and your goal is to host the largest dance party ever for your skeletal pals! Continue reading “Skeletal Dance Party”


Game about sweeping leafs using an experimental magnet tracking technology.

Game created as showcase for an experimental magnet tracking technology. I ported an existing API to Unity 3D and used it to develop a game about sweeping leafs. Leaf aerodynamics was also a part of this project. Nominated for LiU Game Awards 2016.

Skeletal Dance Simulator

Cute voxel based skeleton placement simulator.

You are a cute fox necromancer who hosts a dance party for her Skeletons. But knights are trying to ruin your dance party! Defend yourself and your disco ball! Was later developed into Skeletal Dance Party and released as a full game.

“Skeletal Dance Simulator is the cutest way to shake your bones”

Kill Screen Daily

“Irresistibly cute and fun to play”