Chess Garden VR

The classic board game in virtual reality.

Welcome to Chess Garden VR, the classic board game in virtual reality. Challenge your opponent in a beautiful and relaxing village garden without disturbing elements. Chess Garden is a great introduction to VR. Enjoy!


  • Singleplayer
  • Three different difficulties to play against.
  • Calm and relaxing chess environment
  • No risk of VR-sickness
  • A great introduction to VR


The game can be downloaded from the Oculus Store.


David Lindqvist
Fredrik Präntare
Jesper Tingvall

Tobias Forsling
Jesper Tingvall

Music & sound
Fredrik Präntare
Tomas Ahlström

Tomas Ahlström

Catalope Games AB

Incredible Concepts of Sweden AB

Suicide Tricycle

VR game about taking suicide by rolling down hill on a rusty tricycle.

Suicide Tricycle is a game experience developed by me and 3 other developers within 40 hours. I had the role as team leader. The player rolls down a hill on a customizable rusty tricycle, experiencing the world in VR and gets haptic feedback from the Novint Falcon. Won second place at BOSS Jam 4.0.