Keep on Trucking

Deliver oil on time, without spilling to much.

You task is to deliver oil to the village. During your travel there you can pick up move oil by parking underneath oil cisterns. The quicker you get to the village and the more oil you deliver the higher score you get.

A game made in 48 hours during Fall Game Jam 2019. Theme was Compost War: Two Worlds, One Truck.

  • Jesper Tingvall
  • Sara Erenius
  • Martin Lundgren


Low-Poly RTS about war, diplomacy and breeding.

Low-Poly RTS about war, diplomacy and breeding

During Global Game Jam 2019 me and 3 other developers created a low-poly RTS game in Unity. The theme of the jam was “What home means to you”, which we interpreted as homeland. I did project leading and programming. The end result after the 48 hours was a pretty balanced and nice looking game.

Spooky Adventure

Love story about a skeleton, hidden inside a human corpse.

You, a skeleton, is trying to survive in a grim and cold autumn world where the Whiteknights have taken over. No one likes a good old spook anymore – it is up to you to change this! Fight the oppressors! Restore spookyness! And maybe find true love while you are doing it.

Game mechanics
You get Spookyness when you spook a human so much she tears her skin of, revealing what is under it.
Love is your score multiplier and are gained via spooking flirting with girls.

The game was later ported to Android and can be found at Google Play store.

Made during a small online game jam. Ranked #1 in every category in /agdg/ Halloween Jam 2014.
Music by Connor O.R.T. Linning

Monster of the Matrix

You are a skeleton in a dungeon. But something is wrong…. Why are the walls breaking down around you? Who are these green skeletons that hunt you? Survive and escape.

You are a skeleton inside a dungeon crawler. But something is wrong… Why are the walls breaking down around you? Who are these green skeletons that hunt you? Survive and escape.

Started as a test for writing shaders. Then I discovered that Ludum Dare 33 was running and I developed into a full game. It took one weekend, fueled by peppermint tea and a nasty cold.


Programming & shaders
Jesper Tingvall
Random labyrinth generator from Sightless

Sounds from
Demons Screaming In Hell – Mike Koenig
cardboard-burning – raremess

Visual assets from the Unity Store