Low-Poly RTS about war, diplomacy and breeding.

Low-Poly RTS about war, diplomacy and breeding

During Global Game Jam 2019 me and 3 other developers created a low-poly RTS game in Unity. The theme of the jam was “What home means to you”, which we interpreted as homeland. I did project leading and programming. The end result after the 48 hours was a pretty balanced and nice looking game.

Skeletal Dance Party

You are a fox girl necromancer and your goal is to host the largest dance party ever for your skeletal pals! Continue reading “Skeletal Dance Party”

Zombie Waifu (ゾンビ•ワイフ)

Zombie Waifu is a 2-player cooperative game of forbidden love.


Most of the world’s population has turned into zombies. Including your beloved japanese fiancée. Your love turns from interracial into interspecies but the flame is stronger than ever. However, both humans and zombies don’t approve this relationship.

Your zombie girlfriend was kidnapped into a zombie-prison complex but luckily you found her. Use your combat and stealth skills to escape from the complex and through the devastated city back into your love nest.

Best of luck girls.

Controls & Gameplay

Game is played with 2 gamepads or one keyboard. One player plays with the Human and the other player plays with the Zombie.


Controls are mapped for Xbox 360 pads.
Left Joystick: Move.
Right Joystick: Aim.
Right Button (RB): Shoot (Human) / Melee Attack (Zombie).
A button: Nibble (the Zombie can recover some health by eating the Human).


Space Shoot

Arrow keys Move
Numpad 1235 Aim
Numpad 0 Attack
Numpad 9 Nibble

The Human has a shotgun with long range and high damage output but at the expense of using ammo. Only the Human can collect ammo and use health-kits.
The Zombie has unlimited but short-range and low-damage attacks. She can recover health by using the nibble mechanic when close to the Human.

  • Humans won’t attack the Human.
  • Zombies won’t attack the Zombie.
  • Friendly fire enable.
  • Don’t kill your fiancée.


Created during Spring Game Jam 2016.

  • Adam Green
  • Daniel Tordera
  • Jesper Tingvall
  • Sara Erenius


Split screen tank driving game using a Novint Falcon.

I lead a team of 4 students during BOSSJAM 2015, a 48 hours game jam. Tigertank is a split screen game where one player steers the tank via a game pad and another player controls the turret via a Novint Falcon. Won second place at BOSS JAM 2015. Continue reading “Tigertank”