Little Red Adventure

Little Red Adventure is a short puzzle adventure where you push, pull and jump through the magical forest in your search for Grandma.


You are seven years old and the world smiles upon you. But this morning, it feels different for some reason. You agree and venture into the forest, with only food for Grandma and your trusty Riding Hood. Your mom’s advice and grandmothers letter echoing in your mind…

Dear little Red,

I have a feeling something’s bound to happen… Please come visit as soon as you can.

Eternal Love,


  • The lever will flip and open the corresponding gate. 
  • The pressure plate will only open the gate when an object is on it.
  • The gate will only open when the corresponding Lever or Plate activates.
  • Flowers are collectibles for you to seek. 
  • The leash will be useful later on in your journey

A game made during Summer Game Jam 2021. Theme was Anti Wholesome. The game was made in Unity and we used FMOD for sounds. I worked with programming, most of the level design and made sure everyone else in the 10 person team knew what to do.