Road Doctor 2060

4D cyberpunk motorcycle simulator for Samsung Gear VR. In Road Doctor 2060 the player takes the role of a “road doctor” living in Neo Tokyo. Goal is to drive the motorbike to the other side of the town where the president has damaged his pinky toe. The motorcycle is voice activated so the player needs to make motor sounds to accelerate. The theme for the game jam was “Emergency?” which we associated with time pressure, chaos, action and “hero saves the day“. The question mark indicates that the emergency might not be so serious after all. The game is made for Samsung GearVR and you sit on chairs configures like a motorcycle with an USB fan placed in front of you for speed-wind. During BOSS JAM 2017, a 40 hour Game Jam I lead a team consisting of two 3D artists, one technical artists and one other programmer. I did project lead, game logic and programming for the GearVR. Won second place at BOSS JAM 2017.