Compost played at ESG Spelklubb’s Play my Boardgame event.

A two player card game about recycling. Grow and throw vegetables into your compost pile while throwing nasty things like stones and cans into your opponents. Get help from critters and beetles to improve your soil! May the one with best garden soil in the end win.


The game prototype started by scribbling and ripping out make shift cards from papers at the jam site.

First paper prototype made during day one of jam.

Last day of the jam art was generated using Stable Diffusion. To get consistent art style queries was given in form of “tomato drawn by Beatrix Potter”, “carrot drawn by Beatrix Potter” and so on.

This posed some challenges as the AI did not know several words that where in the prototype, like beetroot, worm and even compost. The AI also gave some quite horrifying outputs.

Card layout was generated by LaTeX.

Print and play

The game can be printed and played.


  • A 2 player card game made during Fall Game Jam 2022 by Jesper Tingvall. Loosely inspired by the theme Inside-out Farming.
  • Thanks to all other participants of Fall Game Jam 2022 who play tested and contributed good ideas.
  • Thanks to people who tested it at ESG Spelklubb’s Play my Boardgame event.