Unity 3D | Windows | Linux | Dogfighting | 1-4 players


Spacecraft is a local build & destroy deathmatch game for up to 4 players. The players first builds spaceships then fights to the death in them.

Liuga 2014

Full release coming soon(tm)…


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Skeletal Dance Simulator

Singleplayer | Unity 3D


Play as a cute voxel necromancer who hosts a dance party for her skeletons. Currently passed Steam Greenlight.

“Skeletal Dance Simulator is the cutest way to shake your bones”
– Kill Screen Daily

“Irresistibly cute and fun to play” ★★★★☆

Skeletal Dance Simulator


Fall Game Jam 2015 | Unity 3D | Local Multiplayer | Real time strategy


Actinium is a RTS game programmed during Fall Game Jam 2015. The game is split screen for two players and each player controls the game via a game pad. Core game mechanics is base building, resource management and Rock-paper-scissor battle mechanics.

The Epic Hangover of the Wizard

Global Game Jam 2016 | Unity 3D | Asymmetrical 2-player coop | Point & Click

A wizard that wakes up from a hangover trying to undo the summoning ritual he did while drunk. His magic talking wizard hat helping him close the portal to hell. Puzzles that are randomly generated with each restart. To help play the game there are two paper manuals; Wizardry 101 and a Futhark to Latin lexicon.

Monster of the Matrix

Ludum Dare 33 | Unity 3D | Singleplayer | Survival horror

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You are a skeleton inside a dungeon crawler. But something is wrong… Why are the walls breaking down around you? Who are these green skeletons that hunt you? Survive and escape.

Spooky Adventure: Android edition

Adventure | Unity 3D | Android | Singleplayer

​ You, a skeleton, is trying to survive in a grim and cold autumn world where the Whiteknights have taken over. Hide inside human skins and jump out to scare literal flesh from bones.

Now with memes, highscore and achievements!



Human Shield

Kinect | Dreamhackathon 2015 | Unlimited players

Defend the blobs via building cover together with your friend. A Kinect game programmed in only 24 hours during Dreamhackathon 2015.

Nominated for Liu Game Award 2015


Bossjam 2015 | Novint Falcon | Unity 3D | 2 player

Defend Mother Svea against the Red Army! Coop game where the players drive a tank together, each having their own monitor. One controls the threads with a gamepad and one controls the turret with an Novint Falcon.

Won second place in BOSSJAM 2015

Attack on Rabbit

Flight Simulator | LIU Gamejam | Unity 3D | Oculus Rift | Singleplayer


Cyberpunk bunny slaughter flight simulator for Oculus Rift.

“…might not best the best for suffers of Leporiphobia, for those who don’t know what that is sufferers of Leporiphobia have a profound fear of rabbits.”
– VRFocus


LIU Gamejam | Unity 3D | 3 players

The player is blindfolded and guided through a labyrinth filled with monsters and traps by two other players taking the role of the Angel and the Devil.

Spooky Adventure

Adventure | Unity 3D | Windows | AGDG Halloweenjam | Singleplayer

Spooky adventure

​You, a skeleton, is trying to survive in a grim and cold autumn world where the Whiteknights have taken over. Hide inside human skins and jump out to scare literal flesh from bones.

Ranked #1 in /agdg/ Halloween Jam 2014

Spooky Adventure


Tug of war | Unity 3D | Singleplayer

ByteCraft is a strategy game where the core gameplay consists of designing unit and balancing your resources.

Nominated for LIU Game Awards 2013

Metal Hell

Bullet Hell | C++ | Singleplayer
Clockworkpunk themed bullet hell. Fight against clockwork bugs from hell in a burning nebula.

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