Hi and welcome to the magic help desk

In a world where magic is as normal and common as technology these days… Who takes care of the ordinary magic users?

How do you actually turn on a cloak of invisibility?

What happens if you swallow a love potion and look in the mirror?

Who would ever come up with the idea of putting a bag of holding in another bag of holding…?

One thing is certain – somehow it is your fault that the fire-demon has resistance to fire-magic, how could the adventurers know it?!

The adventures play as a team of underpaid support line employees for one of the biggest magic corporations and it is their job to make sure the spells and artifacts work as intended.

Magical problems require magical solutions



  • An role-playing system written in one day by Jesper Tingvall.
  • Rule book based upon DND-5e-LaTeX-Template by Evan Bergeron.