Murder in a Bottle

In Murder in a Bottle you play as Beerlock Holmes, a hard boiled detective who just had his well earned vacation. But instead of having a relaxing time on Monsieur Moët’s fancy wine yard he is drawn into a murder mystery! Monsieur Moët is dead and everyone is a suspect; is it Auntie Rosie? Moët’s younger lover Pinot Noir? The strange foreign guest Belvedere…? Or maybe even The Bottler?

A game made in 48 hours during Spring Game Jam 2020. Theme was Wine Language. The game was made in Unity using the Naninovel visual novel extension.

The game was made by

  • Kevin
  • Rudolfy_art
  • Thea Carlqvist
  • Kazz’Truul
  • Jesper Tingvall