Overview of My Game Modifications

I have done several popular mods for the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout III and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. My focus is on small quite technically advanced mods – pushing the limits of what is possible with the modding tools. In most cases I have been the solo developer for the mod, doing everything from original idea, implementation, quality assurance, technical support and handling of user feedback.

My most well known mod is Enclave Commander for Fallout 3. This mod adds a fairly advanced squad system to the game, giving the player ability to call in soldiers, air strikes and much more.

It has been downloaded over 100.000 times, voted to File of the Month at Nexus January 2009 and even been featured on the developers own blog.

Guy on a motorcycle
J3Xified Driveable Motorcycle for Fallout 3.

My second most popular Fallout 3 mod, Driveable Motorcycle was one of the few mods which added vehicles to the game. A game without any form of vehicle support nor easy access to the physics engine.

My Driveable Motorcycle mod closely follows Enclave Commander with 80.000 downloads. This one also got voted to File of the Month on Nexus June 2009 and featured on the developers own blog.

Witch on a broomstick fighting a dragon.
Flyable Broomstick for Skyrim

For Skyrim I want to feature two mods. First one is Flyable Broomstick. Just as with Fallout 3 you do not have access to the physic engine via modding tools and flying creatures you can ride on does not exist. I was the first one who managed to create a creature you could fly around on, with working collision detection. This mod has been downloaded around 88.000 times and features in a lot of Let’s Play Skyrim shows.

The second one is my Automatic Crossbow mod. Automatic Crossbows had been a very frequently requested mod for long. I managed through clever intercepting of animation calls overwrite the default behavior of a crossbow, allowing the modder to specify when to fire and when to reload. This mod has served as the basis for several other gun mods. A grand total of 137.000 unique users have downloaded this mod, and this is not counting the downloads of all other mods using the scripts from it.