VR Interaction Maze

This is a maze game specially created for my VR thesis. The thesis is about interaction in virtual reality. Each level is controlled via a different controll scheme. They also contain simple puzzles with buttons and doors. Level 3 and 4 are controlled via a Xbox 360 or Xbox One gamepad.

This is released to server as inspiration to other developers working on the same problem. After each level the time is displayed and the players where asked to fill in a questionare on paper. Completion time is also displayed. It also uses Unity analytics to give me more research data from players. – Play it and help me!



Level 1: Gaze movements. Rotation by rotating camera.
Level 2: Gaze movements. Rotation by blinking.
Level 3: Gamepad navigation.
Level 4: Gamepad aim navigation.

By Jesper Tingvall

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