The Epic Hangover of the Wizard

An asymmetrical 2-player coop game created during Global Gamejam 2016. A wizard that wakes up from a hangover trying to undo the summoning ritual he did while drunk. His magic talking wizard hat helping him close the portal to hell.

The game is a point and click adventure game with puzzles that are randomly generated with each restart. To help play the game there is two paper manuals; Wizardry 101 and a Futhark to Latin lexicon. There is also a tiny crocheted wizard hat prop the wizard-player should wear.


The theme for Global Game Jam 2016 was “Ritual”. From this we brainstormed forth a game idea where the played had to be guided by another player holding a demonic encyclopedia, containing information about the demons in the world. This later grew into The Epic Hangover of the Wizard. We used a couple of Diversifiers for this game.

  • No retreat, no surrender!
    The protagonist is unable to go anywhere but forward, in every situation.
  • One hand tied behind my back
    Create a game that can be played with only one hand. On mobile just one hand holding and playing at the same time i.e. just play with your thumb. Desktop, mouse only or keyboard only.
  • Companion screen
    The game uses a mobile device as an additional screen to show a different mode or portion of the game.
  • Common ground
    Make a co-op game playable by players who have very different levels of ability to each other.



Liu Game Jam

The Global Game Jam event was arranged by LIU Game Jam. To get more info about our events follow our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter.


  • Igor Mosyagin
  • Filip Nilsson
  • Jesper Tingvall
  • Daniel Tordera
  • Conrad Wahlén

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