Spacecraft devblog 22/07

As tradition Spacecraft will be shown at Närcon 2015! Look at the Indie Gathering place in Key building.
I’ve taken a few days off to focus on getting it updated and ready.


Game changes

  • Mines are fired via B button
  • Thrust is handled via RT.
  • Right axis is dash drive.
  • Made Dash-drive actually usefull, and over powered.
  • Reworked meele system. Takes a fixed damage instead of floating point damage.
  • Armor are immune to meele damage, making them also work as weapons.
  • Added better background.
  • Added visual indicators when dash drive and mine launcher is ready to use.
  • Vastly improved performance via usage of object pools.
  • Missiles no longer poll all spaceships, improving performance.
  • Bullets no longer collide with other bullets.


Killed bugs

  • Dash drive works no longer in build mode
  • No unlimited speed bug when one thruster is destroyed.
  • No wave-spawn hickup in survival mode.

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