Spacecraft Devblog 15/02 2016: Post Närcon Winter

Närcon Winter

A big thank you to all who dropped by and played Spacecraft during Närcon Winter 2016. It was totally awesome and really fun! I will continue working part time with developing Spacecraft and hope to release it within a half year for PC.

I got tons of feedback and have written it all down into a huge list of suggestions and todo:s. If you have some more suggestions or ideas please send a mail to


New progress for v 6.1.1 – the version shown at Närcon Winter.

  • New camera tracking system. Uses 3D camera instead of 2D
  • Add new sudden death event – Starfall
  • Add map markers to powerups and spaceships
  • Increase asteroid mass
  • Camera starts zoomed out
  • Remove space station in survival mode instantly
  • Half recoil force on weapons

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