It has been a while since the last devblog update so a lot of things has happened. Here are the main news.

Spacecraft Player Join

The first thing the player will notice is a new main menu. It is less cluttered than the old one and more easy to extend.

Spacecraft Level Select

It is now possible to choose different maps to battle on. So far only two maps are released, Large Area and Small Area. Asteroid FieldĀ  is work in progress. It contains a large number of asteroids, making the enviroment a hazard for players.

Spacecraft Build System with undo

One can now undo building components in the building mode. The system works like a standard undo stack but instead of ctrl-z you press X on the gamepad. It is possible to limit the allowed amount of undo per build session but it has been kept to unlimited for now. This needs to be experimented on so it does not break gameplay. Right now it is possible to place a component, undo, get a new component and so on until one gets the exact component one wants.

Spacecraft gameplay with score

A scoring mechanic has been added to the game. You get 100 points per destroyed part and 500 points per destroyed space ship. At the moment there is no victory condition. I am thinking of making a round based system similar to Bomberman.

Spacecraft gameplay

Turrets now have muzzle flashes which should give better game feel.

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