First of all I like to thank everyone who stopped by and played Spacecraft. It was really fun to show it! I got a lot of useful feedback which I will use to improve the game.

Spacecraft at Liu Game Awards 2015

Liu Game Awards

Our nominated game, Human Shield, did not get into the top 3 (or top 4…). Human shield is a Kinect game about using your body to defend objects. Same thing happened 2013 where we participated with Bytecraft, a strategic tug-of-war game about building units with different modules. However, having two games nominated for Liu Game Award and one winning 1st place is totally awesome!

I also send in Skeletal Dance Simulator but it did not get nominated.


I won Liu Game Awards 2014 with Spacecraft. Spacecraft is a local multiplayer game about building spaceships from different components then fighting with them. It is currently under development and I hope to have some news about a upcoming release nearing Christmas.

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