Spacecraft Devblog 04/02 2016: Närcon Winter

Art style

Me and the artist have been experimenting with two different kind of art styles for Spacecraft. It is hard to decide between them and both look really awesome!

Pixel art

The first one is an extension of the already existing style. I added a normal map to the sprites, this allows for some really cool lighting effects! The pixely art gives the game a brutal and metal feel.

Spacecraft Pixel Ship

Spacecraft Pixel Ship and Asteroid

Voxel Art

The second style is Voxel art. I think this style is very clean and sleek looking, suitable for a space game. The lighting effects are even more prevalent with this style and having full 3D objects enables the game camera to take more interesting angles.

Spacecraft Voxel



Here is an unsorted list of progress and issues I’ve been fixing.

  • Build placeholder colored after player.
  • Build placeholder hides when player is ready.
  • Bug with survival mode and disabled start button fixed.
  • New music from Connor O.R.T. Linning!
  • Bullet will not collide with firing turret. You can now travel very fast and still be able to shoot.
  • Add rounds . You can choose to play a certain amount of rounds, after that a winner will be declared.
  • Add sudden death. When the time limit is reached the game does not end instantly, instead it gets harder to stay alive.
  • Generator does not harm attacking player. This is useful for dash based strategies. Dashing into a ship with a generator does not make the attacking ship explode.
  • Add recoil to guns. This gives an improved game feel and also prevents the tactic of making a ship with lots and lots of forward facing turrets. Firing them all at once will make your ship hard to maneuver.

Närcon Winter 2016


As usual I will be showcasing Spacecraft at Närcon Winter 2016. This will be the 4th time! It is always super fun to showcase there and I get a lot of feedback from players.

Närcon Winter 2016 is an Anime and Gaming Convention in Linköping, Sweden. It takes place the 12th-14th February at Saab Arena. I will have one demo station at the Game Dev Gathering. Please drop by and say hi!

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