Spacecraft Devblog 02/03 2016: MTD-Pub


Spacecraft, winner of Liu Game Award 2014 will be showcased at MTD-pub the 10th March at Visualiseringscenter C in Norrköping. If you happen to be in the area around 18:00 please drop by.

Normal mapped sprite graphic alternative


Here is the last weeks progress on Spacecraft.

  • Added new demo-tracks from Connor O.R.T Linning. Check out this awesome demo-track!
  • Music adapts to game state; build music during building, battle music during battle.
  • Fix double-loading of level when doing a rematch. This also fixes double asteroid and powerup spawn.
  • Player now joins game via B-button instead of A.Balanced starfall sudden death.
  • Add 1 minute battle option.
  • Worked on voxel graphic alternative.
  • Worked on normal mapped sprites graphic alternative.
  • Add battle time slider, showing time until sudden death.


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