Skeletal Dance Simulator Devblog 07/01 2015: House models

Skeletal Dance Simulator

I’ve started to make models for a house. The patterns on the wall is inspired by a traditional Scandinavian knitting pattern. I will continue to follow this art style because it looks very cute and fitting.

In preparation for future work I’ve cleaned up a lot of useless junk from the git repository. MagicaVoxel, the tool used for creating the models, is updated to v 0.97. This gives better optimized export of models, which translates into better in game performance. Unity 3D has been updated to v 5.2.3p2.

Skeletal Dance Simulator recently passed Steam Greenlight. A demo can be found on

Christmas puzzle

During Christmas I made a very tiny game. The point was to learn Unreal Engine and C++. It features endless supply of random generated puzzles. The game can be found on

Christmas Puzzle

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