Skeletal Dance Sim. Devblog 22/02 2016: On Hold


Its been a while since I posted news about Skeletal Dance Simulator. Here is what has been happening last month.

Skeletal Dance Simulator alternativ


Skeletal Dance Simulator has now a translation system. This allows the game to, using a xml-file be translated into another language. Right now it is translated into both Swedish and English.

Options menu

An options menu where you can change graphics quality, sound volume and language has been added. The settings are saved in PlayerPreferences. Both the translation and option system is build to be modular and reusable in other games.

Gamepad support

To prepare for future Skeletal Dance Simulator has now gamepad support. The controls are not fine-tuned however so it is a bit wonky.

On hold

I have decided to put Skeletal Dance Simulator on hold until Spacecraft is done. This because both games will suffer if I work on them at the same time as I do part-time work.  Hopefully Spacecraft will be finished within half a year and I look forward to return to Skeletal Dance Simulator.

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