Fall Game Jam 2015: Actinium

During Fall Game Jam 2015 I and 4 other worked on a game under the working name “Supply RTS”.  It was not really connected to the theme which was “Roundabout Battle” or “Raging Change”. I put in some more hours after the 48 gamejam hours to polish it a bit more.


Actinium is a RTS game programmed during Fall Game Jam 2015. The game is a split screen RTS for two players. Goal of the game is to destroy the enemy player’s main base.



Building types

Infantry barrack
Spawns an infantry unit per supply truck.

Tank factory
Spawns a tank unit per supply truck.

Support factory
Spawns a support unit per supply truck.

Bunker has 2 levels, first with a small turret and second with a larget turret.

Generator spawns more supply trucks.

RPS mechanic

The game has a rock paper scissor mechanic. Units get a attack bonus against the opposing type. Sequence is the following. So tanks are strong against infantry.
Tanks > Infantry > Support > Tank


Each players uses a Xbox 360 gamepad.

Select mode

A    Select units
B    Deselect
X    Move order
Y    Build mode / selection mode

Build mode

B    Destroy building in progress
X    Build
Y    Toggle build / selection mode
LT    Change building
RT    Change building


Emil Segerbäck – Music
Lukas Gillsjö – Programming
Adam Green – Programming
Jesper Tingvall – Programming, Models
Sebastian Grape – Models



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