BOSS Jam 4.0: Suicide Tricycle

Team Tiger (Jesper Tingvall, Jon Widén, Elin Josefson & Martin Leo Erik Lundgren) won second place in BOSS Jam 4.0 with the game Suicide Tricycle.

The game jam theme was Tredje Hjulet (The Third Wheel). The game concept is that the player is tired of life and looking for a way out. This way is rolling down a large mountain on a rickety tricycle.

It is a Virtual Reality game (Oculus DK2) and the tricycle is controlled via a Novint Falcon, a haptic feedback controller. The Falcon is simulating a rusty bike control and the shaky ground.

I  acted as team leader and lead programmer, Jon made level design, Elin did 3D models and Martin worked on sound and game feel. Music was provided by Connor O.R.T. Linning.


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