Attack on Rabbit

Attack on Rabbit

A cyberpunk flight simulator for Oculus Rift.
Bunnies are having a party, ruin it!

Made during LIU Spring gamejam 2015. The theme was Disruptive and Rabbits – you disrupts the rabbit’s party!

Use joystick or keyboard to steer, use head to aim and kill as many cyberbunnies as possible. The game has no enemies nor time limit – you fight against your own body’s limits in VR.

“…might not best the best for suffers of Leporiphobia, for those who don’t know what that is sufferers of Leporiphobia have a profound fear of rabbits. Conversely at the same time this may actually be good for those same individuals!”
– VRFocus


Oculus Share | RiftCat

v2: Windows
v1: Windows | Gamejolt | WEARVR | Oculus Share

Important: The game will work without an Oculus but you will see a black screen when you start. Press K to switch to ordinary camera.

Keyboard bindings
Ctrl – Fire
WS – Speed
AD – Yaw
Up-Down – Pitch
Left-right – Roll

ESC – Pause
Space – Restart
K – toggle Oculus / normal camera

Known bugs
Runs in fixed resolution
Won’t start on monitors with less than 800 resolution


Changed fontsize in cockpit
Added icon


Adam Green
Jesper Tingvall

Henrik Henrikson

Yuri Santana –
Kibblesbob –
Mark DiAngelo –
Marianne Gagnon –

effoharkay –


Foxgirl model
Special thanks to

Bunny model
wHiteRabbiT sTudio

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