#1GAM Postmortem March – April


I will make a series of post about my #1GAM experience; how it went and what it gave me. Background is the following. After I decided to continue working on Spacecraft I discovered that I was kind of bad at programming games. The architecture of the game was horrible and very hard to continue working with. I needed more experience. Thus I took the #1GAM challenge – to create one game per month for one entire year. I played around mostly with Unity 3D but also some Unreal Engine and pure C. I also developed for some gaming accessories, like Microsoft Kinect and Novint Falcon. This is the story of how it went.

March 2015

Skeletal Dance Simulator

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Skeletal Dance Simulator is a cute physics based Necromancer simulator. The goal of the game is to defend your dance party at all costs! This was initially done within only 5 days but I returned to it several times after that, making it even better. It all started with that I wanted to play around with ragdolls made using MagicaVoxel, I later discovered that you could make them dance by dragging them around like in Garry’s Mod for Half Life.

Skeletal Dance Simulator is the most successful project and a LOT of YouTubers made a Let’s Play video of it. It even got Greenlit!

Skeletal Dance Simulator is my test game for new features. I’ve added a generic translation system and option system to it, hope is to share this between all of my other games. I also used it to test how to market games.




  • Unity 3D
  • MagicaVoxel

April 2015

Attack on Rabbit


A first person flight cyberpunk flight simulator for Oculus Rift DK1. Made during Spring Game Jam 2015 and the theme was Disruptive and Rabbits. Goal of the game is simple: bunnies are having a party, ruin it!

Background is that I had access to an Oculus DK1 during my master thesis. To familiarize myself with it I borrowed it over the weekend and made this game.

Attack on Rabbit was created by a team of two programmers (me included) and one artist. I took the role of project leader. After the jam I got help by an musician to create a special Attack on Rabbit soundtrack. Our main issues with the game was how to make a flight simulator in VR you did not instantly get cybersickness from. We had to cut out some features like enemy planes attacking you because it was simply to hard to fly around and do the evasive maneuvers required. The end result was pretty much a sandbox where the player could test how it is  to fly in Virtual Reality.




  • Oculus Rift DK1
  • Joystick
  • Unity 3D
  • Blender 3D

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