#1GAM Postmortem June – July

June 2015

Human Shield


Human Shield, the Kinect game were you use your own body to block missiles! Play on your own or with friends. The more the merrier! Built during Dreamhackathon 2015 within only 24 hours by me and 2 other students.

24 hours is the shortest game jam I’ve participated in and it was really intense. One additional challenge we faced as a team was that we only had one Kinect. To solve this I had to develop a very quick and dirty Kinect emulator. The work split was the following. One worked on the image algorithms for destroying and detecting obstacles. One on level design, presentation and external APIs (the game had a Twitter integration – tweeting your score!). And lastly me on lead programming and effects.



  • Unity 3D
  • Microsoft Kinect

July 2015

VR Interaction Maze


This is a maze game specially created for my VR thesis. The thesis is about interaction in virtual reality. It was used for experimenting with different movement styles. It collected data during play and the player answered a survey after.

During the creation and writing of my thesis I learned a lot about VR Development – what causes confusion and motion sickness. I later tried to port it into Google Cardboard but even with scaled down graphic it was not an enjoyable experience due to low frame rate.



  • Used in writing my master thesis on navigation in VR.


  • Unity 3D
  • Oculus Rift DK2

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