#1GAM Postmortem April – May

This is the second post about my #1GAM experience.

April 2015



April was a really busy month for me. I participated in two game jams this month. Tigertank was made during BOSSJAM 2015. I made this game together with a team of 3 other students, taking the role of lead developer.

The theme of the game jam was “En Svensk Tiger”. This can be translated as either “A Swedish Tiger” or “A Swede keeps silent”. It was used as a propaganda tool during the Cold War.

We made a cooperative tank simulator. One of the players controls the track of the tank and loads shells into the canon. The other players steers and fires the turret. The turret is controlled via a Novint Falcon; an haptic feedback controller. This enables the player to feel recoil from the gun when firing and wobbling when traveling around.

The game is played on two monitors and the players should not be able to see each others view.



  • Unity 3D
  • Novint Falcon
  • XBox 360 Gamepad
  • MagicaVoxel

May 2015

Old Mans Labyrinth


Old Mans Labyrinth is a game me and another student made in a course about computer graphics. The goal of the game is to escape from a labyrinth where you are chased by invisible monsters. You can not see the monsters but you can view the world from their angle via holding down space.

The world transform around while the player walks in it; walls turn into passageways and new hinders arise

Created in C and OpenGL. The vertex shader handles the transformation of the gameworld. This game was my first real contact with shaders.


  • C
  • OpenGl
  • MagicaVoxel
  • Vim

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