Dreamhackathon 2015: Human Shield

Human Shield, the Kinect game were you use your own body to block missiles! Play on your own or with friends. The more the merrier! Built during Dreamhackathon 2015 within only 24 hours by Adam Green, Jesper Tingvall and Martin Lundgren

How to play

The arrows indicate where the missiles will spawn. Use your own body as a barrier to protect the blue dots. If you are see-through, try standing back a bit further; the game doesn’t allow you to stand too close to the Kinect when playing.

You need a Kinect 1 for Microsoft Windows to play it.

Also, the game tweets your score to our twitter. Show everyone who is the best Human Shield at https://twitter.com/HumanShieldGame





Adam Green, Jesper Tingvall & Martin Lundgren


Connor ORT Linning http://www.connorlinning.com/

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